Employer Solutions 

Employer solutions is Anvia’s hub in getting Employers to sign up to get the best qualified graduates that will benefit their workforce. Anvia promises its graduates a job after completing the course. This correlation between Employer-Graduate will enable both Graduate and Employers to benefit from. 

  • Employers can benefit from the quality education and application that students of Anvia College will provide for their workforce that they received from completing their course in Anvia College

  • Graduates can benefit by having a huge array of networks that will enable them to find work and offer their services to their chosen field and employer.

Anvia’s Relationship with Employers will open new doors to aspiring tradesmen, a door of opportunity, commitment and a chance to showcase their talent and application of knowledge in their chosen field. 

Employer Solutions

Employer Services 

Anvia College is committed in training and offering our students the best quality education and application to ensure they are at the optimal level of performance and ready for work. Anvia encourages its Employer partners to hire Anvia Graduates to benefit from quality ready workers who are more than prepared to take a role in your workplace. 

Our services will enable our graduates to get work from our employers by providing them:

  • Customized workplace training and assessment 

  • E-learning

  • Recognition services 

  • Work readiness and employability skills 

  • Job placement 

Employ Our Graduates 
Youth Off The Street 

Youth off the street is Anvia’s initiative to tackle unemployment in Australia. Anvia intends to do this by partnering with colleges/organizations that have under privileged/unemployment people to give an opportunity to them by using the “Adopt a student” initiative. By partnering with these colleges/organizations Anvia will give the opportunity to you the Employers to sponsor a student to get them off the street and into your workforce. 

Adopt A Student

Adopt a Student is Anvia’s Initiative that enables Employers to Adopt a student that will offer them a chance to study at Anvia College and then after graduating a job at their workforce. Adopt a Student works together with Youth off the street to enable Anvia and Partnering employers to get one person off the street and into the workplace.