It is important that you read the course information page. It summarizes what the course offers and what is required from you to study the course.

Some courses have specific entry requirements which need to be met for enrollment. If you have the necessary skills and knowledge for the entry requirements these may be considered.

You may be eligible to apply for recognition for previous study or relevant work experience. You should apply for credit when enrolling in to your course – although you can apply for credit at any time during your studies.

To enroll you must:

  • complete your application form

  • agree to terms and conditions

  • pay fees or if you are eligible, receive an exemption or concession

  • have a USI (Unique Student Identifier). Or if you don’t have one click here to get your USI 

How To Enroll

Career Pathways

Plan Your Future!

Planning and looking ahead for a career can be stressful at times. However, with Anvia’s program students can receive benefits that will guarantee them job opportunities when they graduate and receive their qualifications. 

Anvia will give students a toolbox of ideas and application to prepare them for their career. This includes;

  • Partnership with Employers 

  • Goal-setting, planning and follow through of plans. 

  • Complete Strength finder file assessment 

  • Competency assessment